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1. Government Employee Management System (GEMS)

This software is proved very useful for the government organization, which can handles all the required information about the employee’s services, academic qualification, training, records of the leave during the service period, personnel information, foreign travel, transfer, record of upgrade, geographical service experiences, achieved reward & official punishment, etc. It helps to quick scientific decision to the decision maker. It is being used in National planning commission, Department of custom, Department of Water supply and Sanitation, panipokhari, Ministry of Physical planning and construction, Department of Inland Revenue. At first this software is develop in VB and SQl 2000 and it is lastly upgraded in VB.Net and SQL server 2005. It has taken around eight months to complete the project to the 7 development team

2. Working Level Government accounting system. (GAS)

This software is for the government’s offices from central level to district level including all the payment centers of Government of Nepal. It handles all the required records of the government’ working level account providing reports. Till, governments’ offices are adopting the manual system since 40 years, though the volume of the work load is grown more than hundred times. Manual information system is very tedious, time-consuming and of course erroneous method to process complex and voluminous data. It lacks the accuracy and reliability and is prone to errors. Lack of prompt service and reporting facilities as required in the times of necessity in such information system reduces the efficiency of organization. Some times it is not compatible with district level fund & account control office, bank & other central level related organization, which are directly concerned with government account. It is developed on the basis of GON’s account keeping format designed by ministry of finance. It covers the details records of the donor agency’ account also. It is being used in more than 25 government offices including ministry and department. At first this software is develop in VB and SQl 2000 and it is lastly upgraded in VB.Net and SQL server 2005. It has taken around 12 months to complete the project to the 6 development team with debugging the whole project.

3. Deposit/Retention Accounting System (DRAS)

This software is for the government’s offices, corporation, development committee, municipalities which handles all the required records of the deposit and retention of the clients. It helps to the accountant to return the money to the payment party. It shows the total deposit amount of the office, by work wise, party wise, monthly, periodic, personal deposit, main deposit ledger, bank cash book .etc. Software is developed in VB. And Sql server 2000.

4. School Infoys:

Keeping in view the proliferation of application of computers in school, Softech has developed School Information package to enable school management computerized the information system? The package –provided a powerful and intimate working environment that enables to maintain records of marks ledger, marks sheet, invoice & receipt, student summary report, daily/student wise/periodic/ income& due report and other school related required reports. It is developed in Delphi and SQL srver plate form.

5. Engineering mirror

Engineering mirror is an application package specially developed to meet the requirement of planning and engineering department of the any aircraft companies operation fixed wing aircraft or helicopters to enables them computerize the information system .It provides records of the all the components (life & ONC components) installed in the air craft, monitoring life due, life, TSO and remaining life of the installed components. It helps to keep the records of the information and viewing reports about repetitive tests to be performed in the aircraft and also modification detail of aircraft and the components. Records of the entries of all the flight as per the TLP of the company and also managing flight time as per the per the hub meter of the aircraft. It is developed in Delphi and SQL server plate form.

6. Revenue Leakage Control System

This is the software developed to Department of Revenue Investigation (DRI) to help to investigating and monitoring the commercial transactions of goods so as to regulate and bring such transactions under the net of tax. It helps to keep the records of all transactions and transportation of goods for commercial purposes, records of import and export trading. The software enhances the credibility and strength of tax system, tax administration and VAT administration providing the correct information. It makes easy to prevent and control tax evasion and tax avoidance, monitor export and import trading to ensure that such trading is done according to the LC issued and there exists no misuse of foreign currency, keep accounts of availability and need of commodities for the consumption in big cities like Kathmandu valley, Prevent and control artificial shortage of the commodity, help Planning Commission, Ministry of Finance and other organizations analyze and identify the current position of economic development of the nation and comprehend, formulate and implement highly productive plans and policies by providing them the data collected during revenue investigation.

7. Computer Training:

HRD Program in computer Training

Softech has trained more than 1000 trainees with joint collaboration with ministry of science & Technology in the fiscal year 2058/59.The training has conducted in Kathmnadu, Birgunj, Butwal, Dang, and Nepalgunj & Jumla.

8. Shelf Employment Computer Training:

Softech has trained 1500 trainees with join collaboration with Centre for Youth Man power Development (CYMD) in the fiscal year 209/060. The training has conducted in Kathmandu,Butwal, Dang,Chitwan,Rajbiraj, Biratnagar,Damak,Dharan,Ilam,Dhankuta, Janakpur.

9. Driving License record System (DLRS)

Softech is involving the project of the Department of Transport management for the development of the software of the driving license management & data entry of the license holders in system .The total value of the work is NRS.1500000 (Fifteen lakhs only)

10. Financial management Information system of INGO

Financial management information system is the software for the fulfillment of the requirement of the International Non-Government Organization according to the requirement of the organization. Currently Softech is working with Save the Children USA, FNC/NYOF.

11. Data entry DLRS

Softech has completed the data entry of the Driving License record of the 12 zonal transport offices in Nepal. The numbers of the Data was around 750000.


We have completed the data entry project of the vehicle registration of the whole Nepal. in association with Autocrato consult p.Ltd . The total number of the Data was 47500.


We have completed the data entry of the record of the export & Import goods. The total numbers of the data was around 200000.The project is run by Department of the Revenue Investigation

12. Data Capturing and Implementing of District Land information System.

Softech has completed the data entry, verification, editing, printing and reporting of land related information Moth and Rokka of Syangja, Tanahu, Baglung, Parbat, Lamjung district. The volume of the data numbers is around 2039383 on fiscal Year 065/066.

13. Web Based Application for Trade Mark Information and Industry Registration:

It is web based Management information System for the department of Industry, Government of Nepal. Developed system is run in web and desktop versions also as per the need of department. Software produces the detail industry record including their investment, employment, service provided details.

Trademark information shows details of the trade mark owner trademark expired and renew date. It helps the people to select the trade mark viewing the details of the trademark in net.

14. Intranet based MIS system including Government Accounting System and Personal Information System:

This system is designed to fulfill the requirement of Department of National park and wildlife conservation. It is developed in web based system. It has main three modules, Accounting, personal details, and planning section details. Apart from that we designed intranet communication through VPN network among 13 national park offices of DNPC. It helps to send and receive data and information from national park to DNPC.

15. LAN/Networking of NITC/MOEST /CDC building:

We completed the LAN Networking of NITC and curriculum Development Center.

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